It's great to have you here. The GI Brief is designed to be concise, to the point, and devoid of technical jargon as much as possible. Let's jump in.

Why we're establishing a blog (beside the cool name)

We often get many questions about what we do. Those questions range from experts wanting to find out more about our genetic philosophy to lay people wanting to learn more about genetics, a test that they ordered from a consumer genomics company, their own ancestry, etc.

We have found that everyone is interested in genetics. It is after all our very essence and humans have aways wanted to learn more about who they are. With Artificial Intelligence, computational resources and genetic sequencing technologies reaching highs never before seen, the times couldn't be more opportune for plucking answers.

What you will find here

Most of the time, you will find writing that is concise and use non-expert language so as to make the information accessible to all. This writing will encapsulate our perspective on a number of relevant genetic, technological, and human topics. You will also find in this space relevant updates about Genetic Intelligence such as news of awards or of our latest breakthroughs.